We are at Capacity.

We are currently out of space in our facility. We have been diligent and managed this resource well. We have maximized the space by creating multiple services. 

But we are limited:   

  • Limited seating in our auditorium
  • No in house storage
  • Limited commons areas  
  • Inadequate space for kids    

The new facility will allow us to create:     

  • Enhanced evacuation routes   
  • Ultimately host more people     
  • Provide excellence in all we do   
  • State of the art facility   
  • Enhanced sound and production   
  • Bethesda Cafe’ (coffee shop)   
  • Ability to enhance At the Movies Series
  • Larger commons area     
  • Larger space for Bethesda Kids
  • Larger restrooms   
  • 900 seat auditorium   
  • On site storage   
  • Multiple nurseries   
  • Heightened security in kids area